Portugal: Your safe harbour It was in a hidden place in the centre of Portugal that Kleya emerged. Kleya is the Tagus Nymph that inspired Camões, author of the epic poem “Lusíadas” that portrayed the Portuguese Navigators discoveries across the seven oceans. But today Kleya’s inspiration is about the simple things that surround us, as well as enjoying the unique things that Portugal has to offer. Life is a journey, and like the Portuguese Navigators, that after seeing the whole world and overcoming great challenges, returned home safely, Kleya wants to offer a safe harbour to live or invest.

In this journey there are several steps to follow and in each step there are many challenges to address.
Private Navigation Route
This is why Kleya was founded: to find a solution for those problems. It can be the profusion of not qualified information, the risks that are not properly assessed, the lack of time to plan, the logistics and bureaucratic hurdles or the cultural barriers you face. KPL develops a process, together with you, delivering tailored services that fit your individual needs. You can be a retiree, an entrepreneur, an investor or a skilled professional; no matter what your goals are, Kleya wants to inspire you to live a better life and support your business.
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