The NHR Express grants you the NHR status in Portugal or can be used to obtain your Portuguese Tax Number (NIF). You are able to conduct this service from the comfort of your home as it is 100% carried out online. It is a quick process that allows you to follow up easily with the progress of the status and a click away from contacting a member of our team. The NHR Express was created and its platform is managed by Kleya, being the services provided by Kleya’s Legal and Tax partners. Kleya’s NHR Express starts at 1.200,00€.

The Portuguese Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) Regime is a special tax regime applicable to Portuguese or foreign individuals who relocate their residence to Portugal. This regime has special rules on the Portuguese personal income taxation on foreign sourced income and Portuguese employment and self-employment income. To qualify as a Non- Habitual Resident, the following requirements must be met:

  • Not being taxed as a Portuguese Resident in the last five years prior to obtaining residency in Portugal; and
  • Remain in Portugal for more than 183 days during a 12-month period; or 
  • Have residential accommodation in Portugal in any day of that 12-month period.

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For more information on the NHR Regime and the NHR Express click here

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NHR Decision Tree

Here you can see how simple the process for the NHR Express is with Kleya.