The Residency by Investment Permit, more commonly known as Golden Visa (GV), is a Visa designed for non-EU citizens which allows you and your family members the right to move freely in Europe. Through it you can work, live, and study within Portugal and extend the same rights to your family (Family reunification). Kleya’s Turnkey Solution enables you to reach this objective with a simple and efficient process that has been created for one sole purpose - a quicker and sound way to obtain your Visa.

Unlike other visas, with the GV you are not required to live in Portugal. In fact, you only have to remain in the country 14 days per each 2-year period. However, should you decide to adopt Portugal as your country, you may then be eligible for fiscal benefits (please check our NHR Express solution for more information).

The minimum Real Estate investment of our Turnkey Solutions is either 280k or 350k because they involve urban rehabilitation. What makes it different from other investments? The promoter gives you a Buy Back guarantee and a 7-day annual free stay. More importantly it enables you to invest in Lisbon, Porto or Algarve since it is not residential Real Estate and therefore not affected by the change in the GV law that comes into force in 2022. To know more about Real Estate Investment opportunities in Lisbon, click here or in Algarve, click hereTo receive a proposal please create an account by filling out the form below or contact us directly.

Should you have any queries, please reach out to us on WhatsApp or request a contact here.

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Golden Visa - Timeline

Here you can see how simple the process for the Golden Visa is with Kleya.