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Living in Portugal
A new beginning in Portugal

Have you thought about where you want to spend your retirement? Moving is starting over. If the new home is in another city or another country the adventure gains other proportions. The blank walls waiting for ornaments, memories and shared pleasures. The light of a new city that enters us through the window and shows us new stories, ready to be lived. Discover your new restaurant of choice, new and exciting routines that quickly become familiar and welcoming. Find new or old friends and that one can live and be happy here and now, starting over. Retirement does not mean “doing nothing”. Leisure is a full-fledged activity that gives us the peace of mind we need to devote ourselves to what we really enjoy doing. We can discover or rediscover aptitudes and tastes that make us want to know more or even start a totally new activity that challenges and motivates us. Who knows, that natural talent that we have never had time to delve into can now be a big part of a new life, where pleasure is not removed from “work” but is its engine. Portugal has, throughout its continental territory and islands, the most wonderful landscapes that will receive you with open arms when you decide that it is time. A unique country that offers you a cosmopolitan culture in modern cities of great cultural offer, paradisiacal beaches or bucolic places away from the commotion of the great urban centers. Discover what makes you live, a new beginning in Portugal.

Kleya can guide and support you throughout your new journey in Portugal. 

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