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Portugal has been around since 868 B.C. and it is the westernmost sovereign state of mainland Europe. The Portuguese coast is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and bordered by Spain. It has been since early times, a gateway to and from Europe. Besides the Portuguese mainland, its territory extends to the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira. Portugal has so much to offer from forests (rain and dry), wild and beautiful beaches, snowy mountains, rivers and dams to amazing ancient and cosmopolitan cities. It’s not such a small country after all…

Kleya prepared a short list of what is hot in Portugal and what it has to offer to those who wish to visit and those who decide to make it their home.
In 2017, Portugal hosted over 12 million foreigners. It has become, without a doubt, a very popular country. Here’s why:

i) Portugal has the friendliest people in the world – according to Forbes in 2018.

ii) Locals are very warm and welcoming towards foreigners. They always make themselves available, try to speak the same language and might even invite you to grab something to eat, or drink, upon meeting you.


Check out some of these amazing numbers:
• Friendly attitude towards expats: 94%
• Ease in making local friends: 58%
• Expats likely to stay forever: 47%


Weather forecast:

Sunny almost the entire year.

Lisbon receives an average of 2799 hours of sun per year, roughly 300 days of sunshine. It is the third sunniest city in Europe. Both winter and summer seasons are mild.

Want to know the best places to visit, to enjoy our weather and meet the friendliest people in the World?


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