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Privacy, Safety and Data Protection Policy

Kleya Premium Living is committed to protect the privacy of its Clients and the Users of its websites. In this context, this Privacy, Safety and Data Protection Policy was prepared to affirm this commitment and respect for the rules of privacy and protection of personal data.

Thus, and when in this Privacy Policy we refer to Kleya Premium Living, we are referring to a consultant who can be trusted by foreign nationals that wish to retire, live or invest in Portugal.

Privacy and Safety Policy – Why?

We want our Clients and users to know the general rules regarding privacy and the handling of the data that we store in strict respect and compliance with Portuguese legislation, specifically the Personal Data Protection Law (Law No. 67/98, of 26 October 1998).

Kleya Premium Living seeks to respect best practices in matters of safety and the protection of personal data, through the promotion of actions and improvements to systems that ensure the protection of the data provided by our Clients and Users.

The use of and navigation of our websites, products and digital services, the completion of our forms and providing data directly imply the knowledge and acceptance of the conditions of this privacy and safety policy, of the General Terms, Policies and Conditions of Use and of other specific terms, policies and conditions of the subscribed services. Upon subscribing to our services, carefully read the respective terms and conditions. Upon providing your personal data, you authorise the registration, handling, use and disclosure of these in accordance with the rules defined herein.

Privacy and Safety Policy – What does it cover?

This policy exclusively applies to the recording, handling, use and disclosure of personal data or browsing data conducted by Kleya Premium Living within the scope of its digital presence, or through its Customer Service Centre.

Privacy and Security Policy – What are personal data?

Personal data includes any information collected by us, or supplied by the Client or user, regardless of the means used for such collection, including sound and images, for individuals which allow themselves to be identified.

Personal data is considered to be any information about an individual who is identified, or becomes identifiable, by means of such information, and whose identification can occur directly or indirectly, specifically through an identification number, name, date of birth, telephone, e-mail, address or other elements.

All personal information that Kleya Premium Living may collect when the Client or user visit the website are collected with prior consent from the Client or user by means of acceptance of these terms and policies; all of the data are treated in conformance with Portuguese law. The data protection policies in question are in line with the guidelines by which Kleya Premium Living is governed, actively committed to respect the privacy of its Clients and users.

Privacy and Safety Policy – What type of personal data are recorded?

Kleya Premium Living records and handles personal data which is required for the rendering of services and/or the registration for features, products, services or communication, including in this scope data such as name, email address, and/or address and telephone number.

Kleya Premium Living also records traffic and localization data with prior consent from the Client or user, without prejudice to the fulfilment of legal standards.

Privacy and Safety Policy – Who is responsible for data management?

The entity responsible for recording and handling personal data is Kleya Premium Living, who provides this service and within this context adequately decides, always in strict compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law, which data will be recorded, the means for handling this data and the format and purpose for which these are used.

Kleya Premium Living may record your data by telephone, in writing or through its website and applications, upon your consent. As a rule, personal data are recorded when Client registers for one of our products or services, or when an order or contact is made through our website or through our Customer Service Centre.

The supply of some personal data is obligatory, and in the event that this data is lacking or is insufficient, Kleya Premium Living may not render the service or supply the product in question. In these cases, the Client or user will be duly informed regarding the obligatory nature of this data to continue the process.

The recorded personal data are handled electronically and in strict compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law, and these are stored in specific databases created for this purpose.


Privacy and Safety Policy – For what purposes are personal data used?

The personal data supplied or collected are generally used for the management of the contractual relationship, during the rendering of contracted, registered or reserved services, for study, improvements and adjustment of services to the needs and interests of the Client, for information and marketing actions, campaigns, promotions, publicity, statistical studies and to facilitate reservation processes of our Clients.

The Client may, however, come to provide personal data for other purposes, such as for the purposes of sending complaints or suggestions, dissemination of institutional information about Kleya Premium Living, participation in raffles, participation in market studies, performance evaluation surveys, etc.


Privacy Policy – How long is your personal data stored for?

The period of time during which the data is stored and conserved varies in accordance with the purpose for which the information is used. There are, however, legal requirements which require data be stored for specific periods of time. Thus, and whenever there is no specific legal requirement, the data will be stored and maintained for the period required for the purposes for which it was requested or supplied, or for the period of time authorised by the National Commission for Data Protection.

Privacy and Safety Policy – Conditions for the access to, updating or deletion of your personal data

In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, the owner of the data is guaranteed the right to access, modify or delete their personal data, at any time.

Privacy and Security Policy – Under what circumstances is there data communication with other entities?

Kleya Premium Living may utilise other entities for the rendering of specific services. Eventually these services may imply access by these entities to the personal data of Clients and/or users.

Thus, any entity subcontracted by Kleya Premium Living will handle the personal data of our Clients and/or users, in the name of and on behalf of Kleya Premium Living, under strict obligation to adopt the measures required to ensure the protection of the personal data from destruction, whether accidental or illicit, accidental loss, change, disclosure or unauthorised access, and from any other form of illicit handling.

Kleya Premium Living seeks to ensure that the contracting of these entities is carried out with the highest guarantees in terms of safety and reputation.

The Client or user data may need to be preserved and communicated for the use of the competent authorities in the event that Kleya Premium Living is notified by these entities to supply these, always in strict compliance with Portuguese legislation.

Privacy and Security Policy – In what circumstances can your personal data be transferred?

The rendering of specific services by Kleya Premium Living may result in the transfer of your data out of Portugal. 

In such a case, Kleya Premium Living will rigorously comply with the applicable legal dispositions in respect to the protection of personal data and the applicable requirements to such transfers, namely by informing the Client or user.

Privacy and Security Policy – How do we use cookies?

For more information about cookies and about how Kleya Premium Living uses these on its websites or applications, see the Terms and Conditions of Use of Tracking Technologies (cookies).

Privacy and Security Policy – How can I be informed of any changes?

Kleya Premium Living reserves the right to make changes or updates to its Privacy, Safety and Data Protection Policy at any time, and these changes will be duly updated on this page. We suggest that you regularly consult it to be aware of any eventual changes.

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