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The Alentejo Coastline

In recent years, Portugal has seen a rise in popularity as an international destination, and is among the most desirable countries for living, vacationing or investing. But not only Lisbon comes to mind when the subject is Portugal. For such a small country, Portugal contains within its borders many different realities from region to region, with landscapes, traditions and offers so different that it often seems that we are in another country, in another continent.

The Alentejo Coast is one such place. Its undiscovered beaches, the ideal conditions for water sports and hiking, fresh fish and the climate are just some of the many reasons to fall in love with this region. Get to know the Costa Alentejana and immerse yourself in its immensity. The Vicentinian Route Rota Vicentina is a vast network of footbridges with European certification that connects the Alentejo coast to the Algarve along 400 kilometers. This route offers the ideal conditions for hiking or biking (BTT), depending on how you want to appreciate everything this region has to offer. The paths already existed, drawing lines across the paradisaical landscapes, but have now been mapped and flagged, making travel safer. Get ready for an experience that you will remember forever. 

The Alentejo Cuisine “When in Rome”, do not forget to taste the various local delicacies, highlighting the fresh fish and seafood that you can find along the whole coast. But the coast is not only fish and sea. The food in Alentejo is a serious case in Portuguese cuisine. Simple dishes, invented by people of another time that last to this day. The açorda, migas and meat dishes are a must for any visitor to the region. The Sea and Beach From Melides to Zambujeira, there are plenty of beaches where you can relax or devote yourself to water sports. Surf and its derivatives are the most sought after due to the sea conditions.

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