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Living in Portugal
Useful Tips

Here are some useful sentences and common coffee beverages to begin with:

o Hello: Olá
o Thank you: Obrigado (if you are male); Obrigada (if you are female)
o Good morning: Bom dia
o Good night: Boa noite
o Please: Por favor
o Excuse me: Com licença
o Goodbye: Adeus

o Espresso: Café/Bica
o Half milk, half coffee (Latte): Meia de Leite
o Large glass of milk with one shot of espresso: Galão

A few more local tips…

At local pharmacies, butcher shops and bakeries you might need to take a ticket to be served.

Most, if not all, Portuguese streets are paved with the beautiful “Calçada portuguesa” that make up a unique mosaic, handmade by Portuguese workers. Although beautiful, these cobblestones may be hard to walk on, so if you’re thinking of taking a stroll, make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Due to small and narrow streets, parking may become a scene from a mission impossible movie. It is very common to see people pointing out to empty parking spaces. They only want a tip for their help and 50 cents will do.

In case of emergencies, call 112


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