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Kleya has the expertise to advise you in Real Estate!

With a track record in advising foreign clients that want to establish their residence in Portugal, we have identified the key elements in the real estate offer that are key: Safety, Flexibility and Return.

In a decision that involves a significant financial commitment, you must be sure that your investment will not be put at risk easily. At the same time, very few can predict what will happen in the medium to long term, hence having a real estate asset with equity, that can be used to live in or to let, is a very common solution.

Let’s look at this example: buying an apartment where you want to live only 6 months and the other 6 months you want to use for touristic exploitation. You shouldn’t focus only on the rents you expect to receive (by knowing the rents in the market and the occupancy rate, it is easy to estimate your return) but you must also consider all the expenses incurred to generate that income like utilities, taxes or management fees. In terms of risks, the most important one is the market risk.

Two important questions to take into consideration: “what market segments may be interested in your property?” and “what differentiation factor do you have to offer that makes your property stand out?”.

Regarding equity, you must identify the locations where there is more demand, or growing sites, so that in 5 years’ time you can sell your property in a short period of time with a higher return.

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