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Retirement in Portugal

Portugal is one of the best countries to experience retirement. Over the last few years, several magazines and websites have mentioned Portugal as a country worth visiting or moving to. The amazing beaches, the food, the weather, the secure and friendly environment are some of the many aspects that make Portugal so attractive when choosing a perfect place to retire in.

Forbes magazine recently elected Portugal one of the best destinations to experience retirement in 2019. In a list of 24 countries, Portugal appears in 22nd place, 'painted' with an image of the Algarve coast.

The reason why Portugal was included in the list is because of its amazing climate, the relatively low cost of living for retirees and the low crime rate.

Forbes magazine also highlights the tax agreement between Portugal and the US that prevents double taxation, which "attracts" many Americans to the Algarve or even Lisbon. The NHR – Non-Habitual Regime is granted to individuals that become Portuguese resident taxpayers provided they were not taxed as residents in Portugal in the previous five years.


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