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Arroios, Lisbon’s coolest neighbourhood

Time Out readers across the world voted and named Arroios, in Lisbon, the coolest neighbourhood in the world right now! A neighbourhood that is always changing, but still maintains his soul.

“In the multicultural district of Arroios in Lisbon, the new coexists with the classic and diversity is everywhere,” begins the description of this list based on the Time Out Index 2019, which gathers data collected through surveys of 27,000 residents of cities where the magazine circulates.

About the neighbourhood, the publication highlights the open-air galleries that can be found in the streets adjacent to Almirante Reis and the intervention made at Campo Mártires da Pátria basketball court.

About the food, the magazine highlights the gastronomic offer coming from all four

corners of the world – don’t forget that in Arroios there are people from at least 100 different nationalities. From the city’s best dim sum at Grande Palácio Hong-Kong to the South American flavours of Las Cholas. A special shout-out goes to the ‘vegan triangle’ near Praça de Chile, where you’ll find plant-baed restaurants Las Vegan, Veganeats and Bio Vegetariano keeping things cruelty-free. They even give out solutions for the delay of the subway- “Go to Arroios station or rent a scooter from Praça do Chile and discover the neighbourhood on two wheels.”


This is just another reason to visit Lisbon! So get in touch with us if you want to visit this neighbourhood!

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