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Business: Entrepreneurship

BBC journalist Lennox Morrison once said that “Lisbon's working hard to support home-grown businesses and attract fledgling entrepreneurs from around the globe”.

The French chain TF1 also made a report last year on how more French entrepreneurs are looking to start their business in Portugal.

Do you know why?

Portugal has become the hub for companies and start-ups. Our Atlantic coast has relatively small cities that offer a sense of security (even the capital, Lisbon, only has 548,000 people), golden sandy beaches, beautiful countryside and roughly 300 days of sunshine a year.

Now, on top of this, add key elements for a business:

i) a modern infrastructure with motorways and broadband coverage throughout the country;

ii) ports and airports connecting you to the world;

iii) a well-qualified workforce that masters at least one foreign language.

Moreover, if you establish your company in Lisbon, you will find that the office and staff costs are relatively low compared with other capitals in Western Europe.

The best part is that the Portuguese government is making Portugal more attractive than ever by adapting its tax laws. The time that you take to create a company and the simplicity of processes comes to a surprise for every foreigner who wants to start a business. Foreign investment-friendly tax laws such as the Non-Habitual Resident Regime created special tax rates for highly skilled professionals.
Good business reasons combined with the Quality of Life and the investment-friendly laws make a quite attractive combination.

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Non-Habitual Resident Tax Regime
Portuguese Special Tax Regime