House Energy Efficiency Certification overview

September 2020 

Did you know that almost half of the new constructions have "AA" or "A+" certification?

Superior energy efficiency seems to be a growing concern on new construction, with 49% of this new property in the pipeline in the last year and a half (January 2019 to May 2020) having a class "A" energy certification or "A +".

In absolute terms, this means that of the 53,706 new construction that was subject to licensing in this period in Portugal, 22,563 have one of these stamps. More specifically, 23,276 are pre-certified in category "A", this being the energy class that adds the largest volume of properties in the entire new construction pipeline, assuming a weight of 43% of the total.

Kleya has teamed up with Confidencial imobiliário to study this new trend in Portuguese construction. 

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