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Portugal, the Start-up hub.

There is little doubt that several factors, namely Portugal's infrastructure and qualified labour, combined with great quality of life and legislation designed to attract foreign investment, make Portugal an increasingly desirable country for companies and start-ups. In fact, in addition to large multinationals relocating their services to Portugal (BNP Paribas, Google or Revolut are some example), we have a growing number of start-ups looking for national incubators and joining the national entrepreneurship ecosystem. The numbers are clear: Start-up Lisboa alone has gone from a 20% share of foreign start-ups to, up to 50% within three years. This dynamic generates a business environment increasingly favourable to the development of new businesses and this is felt by those who are arriving to Portugal for the first time. In an interview with an economic newspaper, the leaders of Datapage were very clear: “They chose to bring their start-up to Portugal because it is a dynamic country with a positive attitude towards business and entrepreneurship. However, there are challenges that are not easy. Bureaucracy continues to be mentioned as one of them, namely in terms of the length and complexity of the licensing processes.

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