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Urban Rehabilitation 

Urban Rehabilitation 


Avenidas Novas lead price in Lisbon

Over the last three months (February to April), the Urban Rehabilitation Area (ARU) of Lisbon registered around 1,300 transacted houses, maintaining the activity stable compared to the previous three months. During this period, the sale average was of €3,974/m2 in the Lisbon ARU, remaining practically unchanged compared to the average of transactions in the previous quarter.

The parish of Avenidas Novas was the territory with the best performance in the ARU, as geography was the second zone with the highest number of transactions (11% share, right after the parish of Arroios, whose share is 13%). where the market reached the highest selling prices, being the only one above €6,000/m2. This result comes from the activity of sale of new homes, whose average price was close to €8,000/m2, visibly exceeding in this segment the €6,400/m2 observed in the parish of Santo António. In the case of this last parish, these last months were also positive, with an increase of 46% in the number of sales, after a drop of 67% in the previous quarter (compared to the average of the two previous quarters). The average of sales in the parish of Santo António reached a value of €5,206/m2. In all the other parishes covered by the Lisbon ARU, sales did not exceed €4,700/m2, with Misericórdia, Santa Maria Maior, Estrela and Campo de Ourique being included in the €4,000/m2 level.

Oporto with a 20% drop in sales

In the case of the city of Porto, data for the last three months between February and April, relating to the aggregate of ARUs, reveal a 20% drop in the number of housing deals carried out compared to the previous three months. This market produced an average of €3,058/m2, a value that surpasses the reality of the years 2019 and 2020, in which prices were situated at €2,765 and €3,004/m2, respectively.

Focusing only on the last three months, Foz Velha was the ARU with the highest average sales price, above €4,250/m2, although it only adds 6% of registered sales. The main destination of demand was ARU da Baixa, with a share of 32% in transactions, although with an average sale price of 19% below that recorded in Foz Velha. In this central territory, sales were made at €3,217/m2 in the last three months, a figure surpassed not only by Foz Velha but also by the ARU in the Historic Center, with sales at €3,447/m2. The Historic Center contributed 9% of sales in the territory covered by the SIR-Urban Rehabilitation in Porto.


The data contained in this analysis result from the SIR-Urban Rehabilitation.


JULY 2021


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