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The Contingency State will take effect from this Tuesday, September 15th 2020

The Portuguese Government announced the new measures for the State of Contingency that will take effect as of September 15 2020.

Continental Portugal will be subject to the rules of greater Lisbon

  1. Merchants cannot open before 10 am (with exceptions);
  2. Gatherings limited to 10 people;
  3. Closing times of establishments between 20 pm and 23 pm, by municipal decision;
  4. In shopping center restoration areas, a maximum limit of four people per group;
  5. Prohibition on selling alcoholic beverages at service stations and, after 20 pm, in all establishments, except meals;
  6. Prohibition of consumption of alcoholic beverages on the public route;
  7. In restaurants, cafes and pastry shops 300 meters from the schools, a maximum limit of four people per group.

The measures were announced by the prime minister after the meeting of the council of ministers that took place Thursday, September 10th.


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