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Corporate Nomads - A new reality that should interest us | Público

“Corporate nomads ”: a new reality that should interest us


Much has been said about the new realities that the pandemic has brought, with the rise and confirmation that remote work can be a viable and balanced solution for companies, all over the world, relocating the work that a professional can do, and contributing to a more impactful work-life balance.


If digital nomadism is a reality that has been much discussed and talked about in recent times, the truth is that a new profile is already beginning to be talked about within the reality of remote work: the so-called “ corporate nomads ”.

This new worker profile stands out for generally belonging to a higher age group (between 30 and 50 years old), unlike digital nomads. They are executive professionals who travel frequently and work remotely, and may even be relocated to new countries by personal decision or by the strategy of your company, which intends to expand its operations to other countries.

Another of the main differences between digital nomads and " corporate nomads " is the fact that this new profile, as a result of their older age, has already taken the first steps to form a family, thus looking for a stable and safe place where they can live with their family, being less available for more frequent changes of country. In addition, the choice of a new destination is made in a much more thought out and structured way, because the relocation conditions are naturally different for those looking for a new place to settle.

On the other hand, the development of a culture that promotes the existence of more " corporate nomads " within companies can make a difference in the development of a true policy of attracting and retaining talent. By contributing to an expansion to other countries, opening the doors to other cultures and new challenging projects, you will be contributing to the motivation and development of your own employees.

Taking into account all these aspects, it is possible to perceive that the destination of the potential relocation of an employee should be chosen based on principles of stability and security, not only for the employee to feel good in his new city, but also to ensure a comfortable environment so that your family can feel happy and with a future perspective.

As such, Lisbon assumes itself as a destination of choice to welcome this new typology of remote work professionals . The city's safety, low levels of air pollution, an excellent climate, an international airport very close to the city centre, a reliable Internet infrastructure and a favorable tax regime (high value-added activities benefit from a fixed rate of 20% income tax) are some of the reasons that make the Portuguese capital one of the bastions of foreign interest as a place where they can have a better quality of life.

In this way, it is important to pay attention to a profile that, despite not being talked about as much, will have a say in the next 5 to 10 years and could be an important contribution to the development of our country's economy. It is, therefore, essential to create tools and regulations that increase the interest of " corporate nomads " , seeking to develop a path to reduce bureaucracy in relocation processes and guaranteeing safe and reliable bases to provide the necessary conditions for the establishment of foreign investment in Portugal. . It is only in this way that we can be known and recognized as a destination of choice, not only in theory, but especially in practice.


Vasco Rosa da Silva - Founder & Chief Executive Officer


““Corporate nomads””: uma nova realidade que nos deve interessar | Opinião | PÚBLICO (

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