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Fun facts about the Portuguese and their culture

Portuguese culture is very rich and even differs from location to location, within the country. 

Kleya creates monthly articles that detail fun facts about the Portuguese culture and people, that help you understand the culture, the ways of life and how to get around the country! 

Here are a few fun facts about Portuguese people that will make your life in Portugal more peaceful. 

  • Let's start with what appears to be one of the biggest differences between Portuguese culture and other cultures, perhaps even one that you may notice more clearly: We apologize, but we have imprecise timekeeping. So, if you have an appointment scheduled with a technician, for example, don't worry if you're running 5 minutes late because they'll probably be 10-15 minutes late themselves.
  • Let's talk about greetings. We always greet with two kisses with women and handshake between men or a hug if they are close friends. This is not that uncommon amongst Mediterranean countries. Yet, remember! Portuguese people never say a general goodbye. They have to say goodbye to everybody, even if there are a lot of people. Otherwise, it would be considered rude. So, it's best to prepare yourself for the Hello and Goodbye round.

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