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Going to SEF - Portuguese Customs and Borders Office, without Kleya vs with Kleya.

If you are a national of a non-European country, dealing with the Portuguese Customs and Borders Office - usually known as “SEF” – will certainly happen in some point of your moving process. During the first months in Portugal, and before your temporary visa expires, you must ask for an appointment at SEF. 

The first challenge, when asking for this appointment, will be scheduling the date that suits you best. Nowadays, and in the main city centres, the meetings can take several months until they happen. Through Kleya network, we will always try to anticipate your meeting so that you can have it before your temporary visa ends. Another important subject Kleya can support you is collecting all the required documents asked by the customs authorities, before the appointment date at CEF.  


Doing this process by yourself means that you have to schedule and eventually reschedule the meeting by phone, collect all the required documents, deal with lack of communication and attend the meeting by yourself, without an interpreter. With Kleya, we will schedule the meeting, reschedule if you tell us that you need to have this meeting earlier, helping collect all the required documentation and be your interpreter and guider when the day arrives.  


When your meeting day arrives, the Kleya team member who has supported you through all the process will act as your interpreter, guarantying that you will succeed.  

KLEYA can guide and support you in your everyday challenges, whether you already live in Portugal or thinking about moving and investing here! 

Contact us and see how we can be of help! 

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