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Kleya promotes entry of foreign investment in tourism projects

Kleya, through its specialized consultancy service, seeks to bring to Portugal projects with differentiating concepts, thus contributing to the dynamization and promotion of a quality hotel sector.

The Spanish hotel group Chic & Basic is going to open a hotel in Porto with a totally innovative Lifestyle concept that makes a difference compared to other 4-star hotels, bringing its customers a distinct experience, accompanied by a contemporary and irreverent design style.

For the entry of this trendy chain in Portugal, the role of the consultant Kleya was decisive, looking for hotel chains that offer a differentiating concept and that contribute decisively to structuring the tourist offer in our country. And that, at the same time, value the heritage and human resources of the regions targeted for investment. The Chic & Basic hotel group has hired a 100% national team and will operate in a renovated building next to the Carlos Alberto theatre, further enhancing this prime area of ​​the city of Porto.

In the development of its consulting projects, Kleya seeks to facilitate the entry of foreign groups into Portugal through local partnerships. This was the case of this project where Kleya fostered a partnership between the Spanish group and a Portuguese investor who acquired a building to rehabilitate and converted it into a hotel that will now be operated by the Spanish group Chic & Basic.

For Vasco Rosa da Silva, Founder & CEO of Kleya, “Kleya is the contact to make a safer and more complete investment and entry into the Portuguese market, ensuring the connection with key partners. We look for hotel chains that present a differentiated concept that can raise the profile of the tourism offer and that contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. Kleya is looking for foreign investment that will make a difference in Portugal” concludes the responsible.



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