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In Portugal, and after some entrepreneurs started to feel the effects of COVID-19, several companies have been adapting their business models into this new reality.


Not only companies who provide essential goods - such as supermarkets, pharmacies or restaurants – have adapted their ways of making business and answering the client’s expectations. In this article, Kleya presents some examples of Portuguese companies who are fighting the virus the best they can.


The lack of some important products in the market, which are essential to fight the virus, like visors, masks, fans or hands disinfectant gel, has been a challenge for every Government in the world. Because of this, several Portuguese companies which generally work in the industry field transformed their production chain to help to solve this issue. 


The Portuguese shoe designer, Luís Onofre, recently adapted his business for producing masks. The company “Fan 3D”, that usually lends consulting services to other companies who wish to start 3D impression projects, recently started developing a network with all their partners that are able to print visors for medical staff.  


Besides producing these products, it is vital that the population has access and be able to purchase these products in several stores, not only in pharmacies. At the CTT post offices, it is possible to buy both masks and hands disinfectant gel. The masks are sold in packs of 6 units, and each disinfectant gel package consists of 100 ml units. 


You can find the nearest CTT post office from your home through this link: https://www.ctt.pt/feapl_2/app/open/stationSearch/stationSearch.jspx?request_locale=en

Nowadays, the best way to stay connected to everyone is through your home internet Wi-fi network and having all the necessary devices working properly, such as your computer or cellphone. But let’s say that one of your devices suddenly has a technical problem and you can’t leave home to fix it. The Portuguese company, Worten has recently created a service that makes it possible to take care of some technical problems, remotely. 

You can find out more about this service through Worten’s website: https://www.worten.pt/servicos/reparacoes.


Most certainly, being at home, you’ve already had to print some documents. Because of this, Staples developed a service that allows you to get all the necessary prints to be delivered directly at home: https://view.publitas.com/staples-portugal/telecopyprint/page/1 


The quarantine brought us all plenty of time at home. Thinking about the opportunity to redecorate our living room with some pictures of our loved ones, Worten has created a service that let you receive all your photos at home: https://worten.dreambooks.pt/ 


It is quite common to read that physical exercise is essential these days; it contributes towards a good mood and a balance between mind and body. Considering that, some gyms are continuing to provide, through online platforms, several classes, tutorial videos and training plans. According to some of the most well-known gyms established in Portugal, like Holmes Place or Fitness Hut: “people are participating a lot, and it is curious because we feel that now our customers are closer to us, despite this is a distance contact”.


Some real estate agencies are adopting virtual tools in order to keep their business running. Visiting homes through live streaming guarantees that all the recommendations imposed by the health authorities are followed correctly. If perhaps you have the experience of visiting a house via live streaming and you decide that you want to rent/buy it, dealing with all the documentation will not be an obstacle. 


JLL, one of the real estate companies which have been working with the help of technology, says that “everything that is documentation is ensured through the entity’s websites and all the deeds with notaries are made by appointment and behind closed doors, with the fewest possible people and within a greater security”. https://visao.sapo.pt/imobiliario/2020-04-08-como-estao-as-consultoras-imobiliarias-a-passar-a-quarentena/


The Portuguese Society has been shown, since the beginning of the pandemic, a strong will to support local businesses, especially those of smaller dimensions. According to the most recent data, the transactions through debit and credit cards grew, since the middle of March, in smaller businesses – such as grocery and fruit shops, butchers and fishmongers – rather than in the supermarkets. https://tek.sapo.pt/noticias/negocios/artigos/covid-19-portugueses-utilizam-cada-vez-mais-o-mb-way-nos-pagamentos-em-loja-fisica


If you wish to support local businesses but don’t know which are closer to your home, please consult the following websites: https://compraaospequenos.pt/shops/ or https://www.horadeencomendar.com/



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