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Register as a Non-habitual Resident in Portugal

If you have not been considered resident in Portugal for the last five years, until the 31st of March 2021 it is still possible to apply for the Portuguese Special Tax Regime, The Non-Habitual Resident status.

Non-Habitual Resident regime (NHR) is a tax regime designed to attract specialized and high-net-worth individuals to Portugal, which allows, under certain conditions, for an exemption on foreign income and reduced taxation on Portuguese income from employment and/or services.

The regime requires that the person becomes a Portuguese tax resident and must not have resided in Portugal in any of the previous 5 years and lasts for at least 10 straight years.

Foreigners, either still in an active professional activity or living the Golden Days of active retirement, who decide to live in Portugal or/and Portuguese citizens wishing to return to Portugal after residing as a fiscal resident in another country during the past five years can apply for the NHR status, provided they meet the criteria.

Through our legal and tax experts, Kleya can help you in confirming your eligibility and applying for the NHR status, for a period of ten consecutive years.. During this period, holders of this status are entitled to:

1- A Taxation at the rate of 10% of income gathered abroad from pensions.

2- An exemption on income obtained abroad from self-employment, dependent work, capitals, real estate income and real estate surplus, or even intellectual or industrial property.

3- A Taxation of your income obtained in Portugal at low rates, in the case you have a high added value professional activity here.

Remember, the deadline to register is March 31st! 

Contact us today to start your process or to answer any queries you may have!

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