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Mindfulness: what is it and how can we benefit from it?

Mindfulness is a philosophy whose principles allow their followers to use and manage all their internal resources, making it possible to live a healthier life.

In this article, Médis explains the principles of this technique and how, according to scientific facts, mindfulness can be crucial in improving your body and mind’s health.

What is Mindfulness?

The concept is linked to the ancient Buddhist meditation. Its philosophy is to fully live each moment of the present consciously and without any self-judgement making it possible to have a healthier relationship with what is happening in our lives, with intention and purpose.

What are the principles of Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is based on the principle of a deep attention on breathing. It is through this attention that a greater concentration is achieved at a specific moment. From this point, it evolves to a focus on your thoughts, feelings and sensations associated to the present, without any judgement.

Through Mindfulness, it is possible to develop a greater ability to accept and manage emotions. Having a more assertive and balanced behaviour, rejecting a more reactive and inappropriate manner, in the sort of “cruise control”.


8 Mindfulness Benefits

While working your metacognitive awareness, Mindfulness techniques allow you to reach a set of strategies that will allow for greater physical and emotional balance. This is precisely what science has already proven in this field.  

1- Your thoughts will become more positive

Some studies concluded that practicing Mindfulness helps you fight back negative thoughts and depressive states.

2- Reduces stress and anxiety

According to studies, therapies based on Mindfulness can be useful in changing affective and cognitive processes that underlie clinical issues, such as stress and anxiety.

3- Strengthens your memory

Studies show that practising mindfulness and meditation will exercise your memory positively.

4- Enhances your focus

The practice of mindfulness is directly associated with cognitive flexibility and the assertiveness function of your attention.

5- Increases weighting capacity

As research shows, Mindfulness can decrease emotional reactivity and help release emotionally disturbing images, allowing a better cognitive capacity.

6- Improvement of cognitive flexibility

Research shows that Mindfulness followers develop the ability of self-observe. This ability allows for a better and relevance of the present moment.

7- Helps to strengthen relationships

Practicing Mindfulness increases interpersonal awareness and helps overcome and react better to the stress caused by relationships and to better communicate our emotions to partners.

8- Protects the body

Practicing Mindfulness helps balance blood pressure, reduce blood sugar and defends your heart’s health.

How to practise Mindfulness?

Despite being a relatively simple exercise, the secret to succeed in Mindfulness lies in the discipline and dedication with which it is performed. If you are a beginner, here are some exercises:

1- Choose a quiet place

It is essential to practice Mindfulness in a place that brings you tranquility.

2- Define a specific time to practice it

If you are just now beginning, do not exceed five or ten minutes of practice. With practice and experience, you can increase the duration of the exercise.

3- Observe your body

Choose a position that is comfortable for you. For example, you can sit on a chair or on the floor and observe yourself. 

4- Concentrate on breathing

Let yourself be carried away by the flow of your breathing during exhalation and inhalation movements.

5- Let your mind flow

While yourself to be absorbed by the breathing movements, focus your attention entirely on the exercise. In the meantime, let your mind flow and focus on your thoughts without any kind of self judgement. Please remember, what really matters is (re) focusing on the present moment.

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