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Pet Care Insurance information Portugal

If you are looking for Pet Care Insurance solutions in Portugal, you can count on Kleya's advice to protect your four-legged best friends.

In addition to giving us moments of joy, animals are also promoters of a healthier home at all levels. In Portugal, it is estimated that 56% of households have a pet, not only because they are great companions, but also because they relieve unnecessary stress and unite the family even more and yet help to provide the younger family members with a true sense of responsibility. 

But what if, during playtime, your dog bites your neighbour, scratches a car door or causes harm to someone else? In the insurance market, nowadays, it is possible to find solutions to protect your best friend from those situations, as well it guarantees that your pet will have medical assistance if necessary.  


Some of these solutions include:  

  • Access to a wide range of clinics that can give is available 24 hours a day, during the whole year, hotels, training schools, shots and others;
  • If you go on vacation and can't bring your pet along. Finding a trustful place for your day to stay is essential. Many insurances include trustworthy hotels.
  • If your pet unexpectedly disappears, there are insurances that include location services;
  • You can also benefit from other discounts when contracting these insurances: discounts in vet clinics in which partnerships are celebrated, exclusive prices in several food brands in the market or even access to a network of training schools.

One of the insurances that cover all of these topics is ageas.  

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