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Kleya presents the trends on Bioclimatic architecture and energy savings

August 2020 

Bioclimatic architecture and energy savings

Bioclimatic architecture has accompanied humans throughout the ages but has been overlooked with the arrival of technologies such as air conditioning that promotes room temperature without the concern for the surrounding natural environment.

So, let's go back a little bit in time and understand the reason for so many constructive variations across the planet. Our ancestors knew the importance of thermal comfort and sought that without the support of modern technology to use natural means to achieve that comfort. In this way, we will also try to respect and use the layout of our housing to our advantage.

Solar orientation, wind, window size, electrical equipment supported by renewable energy, insulation, layout, all these aspects can play in our favour and help with the energy bill at the end of the month - for an economic or an ecological goal!

Home automation, this intelligent system allows us to regulate our home even in periods when we are not present, it can open and close windows, turn on heating, control the domestic temperature and if well programmed can even save energy. Let's see the case of windows and their importance, in addition to the constructive quality and not least, the placement by experienced technicians, its size and location in the house is very important. 

We know that Portugal is in the northern hemisphere, so the southern facade is the one that will have the most sun exposure, it is necessary to remember that the summer sun is what we want to avoid, so we must always have exterior protection in these windows. They must be large and allow for ventilation control. Large widows promote clarity in the interior, thus eliminating the need for artificial lighting during much of the day.

Insulation can maintain the interior temperature of the home up to a difference of 10 degrees. It is not in vain that in very hot territories the houses were built underground. The land functioned as thermal insulation.

Do not leave unused appliances on, in addition to saving energy. Home automation allows you to turn on the heating one hour before you get home and avoid having to boost the heaters on high when you arrived, and it also helps maintain the internal environment. The same home automation can open the windows to the south during the winter day and heat the interior of your home so that when you get there, you will still have some comfort promoted by solar energy.

Practice sports, the continuous use of artificial heating can limit your body's ability to regulate itself. Go jogging, hiking and even sunbathe if you have the opportunity.

Keep the energy consumption in mind when buying all your home appliances. Nowadays, most equipment already has the energy class available and even presents the environmental impact study and what the consumer can save over the years. For example, if I live alone, I don't need a family fridge. Scale your needs.

We conclude with one of the most important aspects- water. We know that it falls from the sky, but that doesn't mean that its consumption should not be regulated. Water is very necessary for underground lines to feed rivers and streams, wells, clean and fix the soil by feeding the existing vegetation on the surface. Decrease your bath time. A daily bath does not need to be so long. Decrease the water temperature, your skin will thank you, and so will the environment. Ask your architect about reusable water and how you can use used food-washing water to water your plants or the used sink water for flushing the toilet. The domestic water cycle can be perfectly regulated and taken advantage of.

Looking at all these tips you may think that it's very expensive, but in the long term after installation is done and after reusing litres of water a in your home, you'll see that you've actually afforded. Let's change the way we think today and start thinking about tomorrow. 

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