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DIY vs DIWK: We bought a house, what's next?

“We bought our first house in Portugal, by ourselves, we didn’t see the need to have a third party involved! Everything went great up to the signing of the contract! We had our house! But then we needed to get everything set up and ready, that’s when everything went downhill. We found various things wrong with the house that we hadn’t noticed before purchasing, installing utilities was not going to be a walk in the park. Where will we start? How will we choose the best options for our home, which is the indicated equipment for our needs,  how will I know if everything is set up correctly and be ready for my family and I to move in?”    

  • Clients previous to Kleya’s services

All these doubts and questions are legitimate. When buying a home in a new country it is imperative to have someone with local know-how and experience to take part in the process.

These clients choose Kleya to handle the rest of the details, so that they will be able to move into their new homes worry-free. Kleya took care of all the necessary utilities, chose the the suppliers, supervised the installations, guarantying that everything was working correctly.

Many clients have reached Kleya after a not so good experience, whether it was because they were not guided correctly or because they decided to take matters into their own hands.

With Kleya you are able to choose your home without overthinking all the details, Kleya will make sure everything is done dully and correctly, so that moving to your new home doesn’t become a nightmare, but a moment of joy and family happiness.

You can count on Kleya from start to finish, assuring you that everything will be done accordingly.

-Duarte Macedo and a current client experience.

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