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DIY vs DIWK: This month, Duarte has prepared an article on how easy taking care and maintaining your utilities can be with Kleya.

You’ve found your new home, now it’s time to set it up to live in! Finding and selecting the utilities companies for electricity, natural gas or water can be a handful to deal with!

Kleya makes it a much smoother process as we can help from the selection all the way to the set-up and maintenance of the utilities in your new home!

One thing you will have to be cautious about is that you will need to allow service providers access to the electric, water and gas meters.  Why? Because this maintenance is only done every six months, meaning that if you move in without this verification your invoice might detail larger amounts than what you are spending per month.

This can be done by requesting an inspection of the meter panel (water, gas and electricity) to the service provider or report the amounts directly via telephone, using the companies’ app or have Kleya take care of everything so that everything is done properly!

You can count on Kleya to help you choose the best options available in the market, and help you make sure that your invoices will match your real consumption.


If you find yourself in need of these services, please, contact us or register here!

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