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Life Made Easier, Living in Portugal

Thinking about the clients who often spend a period of the year outside their homes in Portugal or that need an extra help with daily challenges in Portugal, Kleya offers a solution called Life Made Easier. 


When you have a property that you don’t live in full time, it is normal to stress about how to keep the house, check the mail, watering the plants, how to repair eventual damage or small repairs around the house. Kleya’s team thought about all of our clients’ worries and needs and created the Life Made Easier service. 

This service contemplates the solutions to all of this worries so that you can be at peace, knowing that Kleya is taking care of everything while you are away, making your life truly easier.

The Life Made Easier service is designed around your needs. We can go to check your mail once a month or twice a month, keep the keys to your home to let fresh air in the house, open taps, see if everything is okay and working, water your plants or check up on something specific you would like us to take care of., After collecting your mail, we deliver it to you to the address provided by you, and if you need us to, we will also translate any Portuguese written letter that you might have trouble 

Better than explaining the service is to know the difference it makes in our clients’ lives. 

Here is a testimonial of one of our clients, who normally spends half of the year abroad: “I remember that and because Kleya’s Team goes twice a month to my house at Estoril, they noticed the boiler was not working properly. They took care of everything and make it possible to fix on time so that when I was back in Portugal, I did not have to worry about not having hot water at home.” 

Aside from the general actions we provide you through our Life Made Easier service, we can also manage all service providers that go on a regular basis to your house, such as cleaning services, gardening or even drivers. You can also ask to collect your favourite food products upon all your arrivals or request, so that you may come back home feeling like you never left. 

The best part of this solution? You have a personal consultant ready to assist you in any questions and requests you may have. 

Contact us today and so easy it is for us to make your life easier, in Portugal!

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