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Top 5 Portuguese Chefs you can't miss in Portugal.

Portuguese food is very famous and well known to those who visit Portugal. It has a significant Mediterranean influence, and most of its food is based on bread, olive oil and wine- however, its characteristics change from region to region. Phoenicians, Celts, Romans and Moors were some of the peoples that passed through our country and left their mark on the national table, join this to the great expeditions that brought spices and varied products from Asia, and you have a rich and tasty cuisine. The result? An extensive list of typical specialties to be tasted!  

With such tasty and rich cuisine, the country has, of course, many famous chefs - from traditional to the most innovative. More and more chefs are innovating and reinterpreting national and international flavors in Lisbon and increasing the number of restaurants as well. If you are in Lisbon and looking to meet one of our chefs, whether you are looking for haute cuisine or prefer a more informal atmosphere, register to check out Kleya's Top 5 chefs. 

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