How do you prepare your car for a long-term standstill?

July 2020

How do you prepare your car for a long-term standstill?

Bodywork, rims, air conditioning, engine, battery, tires, hand brake, fuel, windshield wipers, fluids, engine... There are many elements of your car that can deteriorate during a long-term immobilization.

Kleya prepared a few tips and tricks so that your car is ready to go even when after a long-term standstill.

If you don't have the time or are away from the country, Kleya can take care of your vehicle during your absence, start your vehicle, or even, if you wish, drive it until the engine reaches its optimum temperature, operate the air conditioning and thus circulate the air and also check that everything is in order and ready for your return.

Kleya has prepared a few tricks that will help you keep your garden happy during the summertime!

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