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How a couple fell in love with Portugal

MAY 2021

The story of how two tourists fell in love with Portugal. 

"We were visiting Portugal as Tourists and we instantly fell in love with the Country. On our return journey we had a special experience with the taxi ride that helped seal our decision. We requested our taxi driver to drive us through Lisbon on our way from Sintra to the Airport. Whilst having a great conversation he asked us if we had tried the infamous “Pastéis de Belem”, he was shocked when we told him that we didn’t have the chance to try them. Baffled by the fact the we were leaving Portugal without trying the delicacy, the taxi driver insisted that we stop at Belem to take some Pastéis de Belem home with us! We stopped at Belem, he helped us buy the Pasteis in no-time despite the crowd. And he had us on time safely in the airport. That is when we knew that this country had so much more to offer us, great gastronomy, amazing weather and very warm and welcoming people. There was no turning back, we had to make Portugal our new home.”


MONJA, Kleya Client

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