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BREXIT | Have You Registered As A Resident In Portugal?

Did you have the chance to register as a resident in Portugal before the end of 2020?
If you are a U.K. national, resident in Portugal, you may be aware that the Portuguese Immigration Borders Office (SEF) requests you to exchange your current EU residence certificate for another document to confirm your status as a resident in Portugal under the Withdrawal Agreement, until June 2021. 

Kleya can support you in getting the necessary documentation, that assures your residence status in Portugal. We will submit the request on your behalf, deal with any hurdles and schedule and accompany you to the meeting with the authorities, acting as your interpreter. 

You may also benefit from 10% discount when activating the Kleya Membership offer, Kleya's, digital platform that has all the answers for your life in Portugal, from the comfort of your home.

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