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Getting a Portuguese Tax Payer Number (NIF) is certainly one of the services our clients specifically search for, most of the time even before they arrive in Portugal. Why? Because this number is required for almost every subject, such as celebrating a deed or lease contract or even contracting utilities to your new home. For the clients who are searching to have the NHR status, it is important to make sure that the registration at the Tax Department is correctly done. The NIF can only be requested in Portuguese territory.


After allowing Kleya to handle this service on your behalf, you will not have to go to the Tax Department, therefore, saving time that otherwise would be spent standing in queues. Kleya will prepare all the documentation the authorities require to conclude the process, according to the rules established by the Portuguese law. You won’t have to worry about which tax office is best to go to, the language and which documents are necessary.



Kleya will take care of your NIF so that you won’t have to.

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