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Property Curator

Kleya will assist you remotely with your real estate choice.

In your online private area, you will create a wish list of locations and property attributes. including the number of bedrooms and price range. For a slot of 20 properties that you submit, Kleya will provide you a reference price of the property based on a Market analysis (statistical values of the offer over a period of 12 months for a specific location, gross area, condition and rooms quantity). All you have to do is insert the link of the property that you are interested in, and the system will provide you with a trustworthy Real Estate Agent for you to contact regarding each property you submit for consultation and schedule a visit.

Should our system identify alternatives to your submitted properties, you shall have access to them in your Private Area as well.
Our team will also be available to clarify any questions through the Notes area so that you can make an informed decision.

With this service you will also have access to:

• articles about the Real Estate Market and trends.

• Kleya’s Real Estate Calculator, where you have an unlimited number of submissions of property links and receive a reference price from SIR (Residential Information System, which gathers information from the offers, sales and rentals of a representative pool of real estate development and mediation companies.)

Property Curator

To buy or just to know more about this service, please make a contact request. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Main Advantages
Let us know what you look for, we will give you the right tools and support to succeed in your Property Search.

Contacts of trustworthy Real Estate Agents
The contact number and email of a trustworthy Real Estate Agent that is selling that property

Reference Price
A reference price, based on our evaluation of the property regarding the parish, gross area, and percentile of the property condition

Chat / Messages
Use the messages box to tell us what you look for, we will give you suggestions and recommendations for you to check when are visiting the property.