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Feira da Ladra Market

The Feira da Ladra is one of Lisbon's oldest markets. Over the centuries it evolved from selling unwanted second-hand goods from unknown origins to selling all manner of objects and goods. It’s the best place where you can find vintage clothes, albums or even furniture.

The Feira da Ladra market translates into the dubious name of “Market of the Female Thieves” – although guidebooks often translate its name as “the thieves market” but the name most likely derived from “ladro” a bug usually found among antiques at this type of markets.

A market of this type is thought to be in existence in Lisbon since the 12th Century, and the name “Feira da Ladra” was first mentioned in the 17th Century. The traders here are perfectly legal, as they have a license and pay to participate, offering everything from junk to unexpected treasures, around the Campo de Santa Clara, a square by the National Pantheon. Here you can find brand new stuff or some vintage stuff - from clothes to music albums, from vintage furniture to tooth paste.

For tourists, the Feira da Ladra is a fun place for an early morning wander and where you can find the perfect souvenir from Portugal: hand-made artisan goods, a fado CD, books and maps, clothes, coins, military objects, antiques are all on display here, so the occasional bargain is always possible. The Feira da Ladra is held twice weekly (Tuesday and Saturday), and located in one of the most historic places in Lisbon, Alfama!

Getting to Feira da Ladra:

The Feira da Ladra is held at Campo de Santa Clara, behind the Church of São Vicente de Fora. Getting there is easy.

By foot: No doubt the cheapest way to get there. From Martim Moniz, just follow tram 28 tracks. However, it’s a steep hill, and not one walk to do on hot days.

By tram 28: Get off at Calçada de São Vicente. Use the Viva Viagem Card to travel on public transport in Lisbon.

By subway: The closest metro station is Santa Apolonia which is part of the large intercity train station, Santa Apolonia is the final stop of the blue metro line.

Discover all the wonders that Portugal has to offer, like this market! 

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