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Brexit – Why not Portugal?

Moving to Portugal from the UK? Here are some tips when doing so:

If you hold a temporary residency certificate, you will be able to exchange it for a permanent residency card on the renewal date. This right has been confirmed by the Portuguese government and if you have a permanent residency, you will be able to renew it without restriction.

UK citizens resident in Portugal will still be allowed to travel throughout the EU using their Portuguese residency. They will be travelling as Portuguese residents and not as UK passport holders and therefore free movement within the EU will continue.

Although some topics are yet to be discussed until after the UK has formally left the EU, like taxation and social security. These two areas need specific agreements between the UK and Portugal Governments. These issues will be dealt with bilateral agreements, like the ones existing prior to the formation of the EU.

UK citizens in Portugal will continue to enjoy all the current freedom and ease of life that they currently have. UK issued driving licenses will continue to be recognized, healthcare will continue to be available, pension credits will continue to be awarded and professional qualifications will continue to be accepted.

 Considering this, Kleya is certain that all will be running smoothly, and British citizens should just make sure that their authorizations for residency, passports and other documentation is up to date and in order.


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