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A Villa in the centre of Portugal

A South African couple decided to move to Portugal. They did some research and knew what area they wanted to live in – Coimbra, in the central region of the country. Their other requirements were that they needed to be roughly 30 minutes away from a major city and had a budget of €350K to work with. The couple also needed land, due to their passion for gardening; a sizeable interior space for their collection of musical instruments and to create a peaceful area for meditation and yoga.

Kleya’s challenge was to fulfill these pre-requisites to our client’s satisfaction. After some searching, we found the ideal solution, a villa located a little further from Coimbra, yet with excellent transport links. It had an acre of land and a basement which could be converted into their music studio and retreat area. We worked with the seller, building contractors and our own architecture team to bring the property, and construction works, within the couple’s budget.  The project was initially challenging. With dedicated determination we were able to deliver a dream home to a truly delighted couple.

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