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Investment Property: Apartment for Touristic Exploration in Lisbon

Our Brazilian client, a top executive, wanted to secure a “Golden Visa” through an astute €500K investment. He planned on purchasing an apartment in Lisbon, which could be sold relatively quickly and easily, but lacked knowledge of the property market and required premises. He turned to Kleya to come up with options, because he did not want to spend time and money on traveling back and forth to view and negotiate on potential sites.
Over Skype, we identified his needs, advised on the market and steered him in the right direction to ensure that the purchased property would be a solid investment with good equity.

After presenting him with a series of suggestions, we agreed on a shortlist and he flew over one weekend for viewings.

Kleya’s initial recommendation of buying downtown, close to the castle, was fully appreciated by the client, as he saw first-hand the tourists in the street coming from Terreiro do Paço, as well as visitors from the new cruise terminal, all heading towards the Castle of São Jorge and Alfama. 

We had identified a building, which was being totally renovated, with ten serviced apartments. The client was clearly impressed and made a video of the development to send his wife. On Monday morning we went to one of our trusted legal partners to make a reservation agreement and, on his behalf, we completed the transaction. Three months later more than half of the apartments in the building had been sold, resulting in an immediate 20% return on our client’s investment. Needless to say he was thrilled.

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A Villa in the centre of Portugal