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Exclude Lisbon and Porto from Golden Visas? | Observador

Exclude Lisbon and Porto from Golden Visas? "Without alternatives, this capital will flee to other countries", says CEO of Kleya


According to Jornal de Negócios, the Government will even go ahead with the limitation of Gold Visas to the interior of the country. Vasco Rosa da Silva, from Kleya, said in an interview that it is necessary to create alternatives.


The Government should think twice before excluding real estate in Lisbon and Porto from eligible investments to obtain the so-called Golden Visas, not only because this is an important investment in this phase of economic crisis (caused by the pandemic) but because of a position of principle: It is true that this flow of investments created some imbalances, but the best solution is not to prohibit, in a simplistic way, but to create conditions for these capitals and these people to have viable alternatives. This is the conviction of Vasco Rosa da Silva, chief executive officer (CEO) of Kleya , a company that advises individuals and foreign companies in the process of coming to Portugal.

The daily contact with foreign investors taught Vasco Rosa da Silva that investors need, to a certain extent, that we “make all the food for them” – therefore, if we want them to invest in the interior, it is necessary to create local and decentralized structures that inventory what is needed. there is, in the various territories to be able to invest, a kind of local investor support office in which municipalities and universities/polytechnics could play a role. This is just one of the ideas given by the entrepreneur, who before opening Kleya worked in the area of ​​wealth management at Barclays.

“If there is no such facility to bet on other opportunities, and if real estate investment is really prohibited in Lisbon and Porto, then the investment will simply flee to other places in the world ”, warns Vasco Rosa da Silva, asking for a careful consideration on this matter. . “You have to keep in mind that when you go to a new country, the easiest thing to do is to start with the capital, but often this is just a first phase because these people will later gain confidence, get in the car and get to know other regions – and many later move abroad”, he guarantees.


Vasco Rosa da Silva - Founder & Chief Executive Officer


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